Instructor Spotlight: Jack Rule

Jack Rule, GABC Operations Coordinator and Owner of Sixth Sense Survival started his life of outdoor adventuring at a young age “swamp stomping” in Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve in South Florida.

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Top 5 Beginner Wild Mushrooms

When people hear about wild mushrooms, their first thoughts are usually ones of suffering a painful, messy death. This shows how far removed we’ve taken ourselves from Nature. The famous anthropologist Jared Diamond (Germs, Guns, & Steel) was in the wild with several bushmen who were excited when they found some wild mushrooms, but Diamond badgered them into dropping their feast because he “knew” wild mushrooms are poisonous. He thought he was protecting the bushmen. Talk about arrogance!

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Campfire Co-Op Demo Days Wrap Up

Last weekend the 1st annual Campfire Co-Op ‘Demo Days’ was held at Georgia Bushcraft. The first Campfire Co-Op meeting was originally held back in 2020 as a round table event for brands in the outdoor industry. ‘Demo Days’ however was focused more on educating dealer marketing staff, journalists, and influencers on full product lines from Co-Op members. This year’s Demo Days event was a huge success full of networking, demos, gear testing, and classes with over 60 people in attendance including friends from SMKW (Smoky Mountain Knife Works), BladeHQ, Recoil Magazine and many others!

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The Spring Campout Is Back!

APRIL 22-24, 2022


2022 will be Georgia Bushcraft’s 10th anniversary since its inception. Our small group started with less than a dozen members gathering for our first event back in spring 2012. We have since grown to well over 500+ attendees from all over the country.

Back in the early days we would host two main events a year, the Spring and Fall Campout. After much blood, sweat, and tears we decided two events a year was a bit too much and we wanted to focus more on one main event a year, the Fall Gathering.

Year after year, our community grew and grew and in 2021 we decided that we would bring back the Spring Campout the following year (2022) with a few stipulations. Since our Fall Gathering is known for an incredibly busy weekend schedule (some days with 6+ classes or workshops happening every hour) we wanted to focus more on community and fellowship and a little less structure. We wanted to also incorporate more gear trading, camping related activities and family time with a more relaxed atmosphere.

“You’ll have access to subject matter experts in their own respected fields all weekend.” -Bill McGee


The Spring Campout is all about fun, relaxation, and community in the outdoors. Come park and setup camp in either our large field or take a short walk through our trail to Basecamp and enjoy a more woodland camping experience. Bring the kids, the dog, or just come alone, there’s something for everyone.


Bushcraft Flea-market (Trade Blanket) Buy, Sell, or Trade your used outdoor gear PLUS a bunch of vendors from all over the country.

World-Famous Georgia Bushcraft Raffle – $1000’s worth of amazing outdoor related items like knives, axes, flashlights, and so on. And it’s all up for grabs. Each Adult and Youth admission includes 5x Raffle tickets. Additional tickets are available for purchase.

Local Food Vendors – We will have several delicious food vendors on-site throughout the weekend.

Workshops & Classes – Don’t worry, we will still have plenty of classes and instruction but it will be more laid back. If you haven’t been to a Georgia Bushcraft event before, imagine random fire starting demos, blacksmithing, campfire cooking, wild edible walks and so much more.

Challenges – We always find time to put our skills to the test! You may find a spontaneous fire starting challenge or a cast iron cooking competition.


Admission opened up back in January and spots are filling up fast!

Here’s the price breakdown –

Adult Weekend Passes – $49

Youth (13-17 years of age) – $25

Kids 12 and under are FREE.

If you’re interested in a Bushcraft Fleamarket booth the cost is $65.

Single day passes (Friday 1PM – 5Pm | Saturday 9AM-5PM | Sunday 9AM – 12PM) are free and parking is $5.


Skill Series – Sharpening Without a Sharpener

We’ve all done it; set up camp in a remote place only to realize that we forgot to sharpen our knife. DOH! It’s frustrating spending all weekend doing camp activities with a knife-shaped bowling ball. What to do?

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Five Easy Edible Wild Plants for Georgia Bushcrafters

A key bit of knowledge carried by the OG bushcrafters, such as Nessmuck, Kephart, Hammett, and Jaeger, was wild edible plants. As many did back then, they knew that plants offered nourishment and flavor when cooking in the wild. Nowadays, most people lack this skill and assume every plant is poisonous, just waiting to fertilize itself with our dead body after eating a berry. What a sad opinion of nature! 

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TOP 4 Bushcraft Coffee Methods

Coffee is near the top of the packing list for just about any adventure. So regardless if we’re heading deep into the backcountry or just spending the day on the back 40, a pick me up via your favorite brew is a must-have.

How we brew our coffee depends on the day, the gear loadout, and sometimes just our mood. Here are some of our favorite ways to get our coffee fix in the woods.  

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Top 3 Alternative Outdoor Communications

When you’re in the backcountry communication is key. A solo traveler needs a reliable way to contact help in case there’s an emergency, and a group needs a reliable way to stay in touch with each other. While it’s tempting to rely on cell phones, if you’ve ventured far from the beaten path you’ve found that they aren’t always reliable. 

Below we’ve outlined some of our top picks for alternative backcountry communication. We’ve also shared some of our top choices for systems that use the respective band. Each platform has its pros and cons, so take a look and decide what works best for your locale and purposes. 

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Top 5 Medicinal Plants for Bushcraft

A key goal of bushcrafters is to replace equipment with knowledge, allowing for comfortable, ethical living off the land. But bushcrafting also sets you up for wounds and illnesses, so a large first aid kit is standard gear for the average outdoorsperson. But an extraordinary bushcrafter knows how to harness the powers of plants and mushrooms, just as our ancestors did, to deal with common issues in the wild. Here are my top five medicinal plants & mushrooms, based on years of study and experience as a medicinal chemist, herbalist, and outdoorsman. These are all found across North America, and should be some of the first plants you learn to identify in the wild.

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