5 Easy Plants/Mushrooms for Hygiene

There’s great joy in staying out in the woods for days and days. We reset our internal clocks to the natural flow we evolved with, rather than the artificial time created by electric lights and glowing computer screens. But one potentially good, modern obsession is that of bathing. True, many Native American people and alsoContinue reading “5 Easy Plants/Mushrooms for Hygiene”

Beginner’s Guide -Raising Backyard Chickens

A hundred years ago, chickens and their eggs were a delicacy of sorts, and large chicken farms didn’t exist like they do today. Backyard chickens didn’t really become a popular ‘thing’ until the late 1920s & 30s, thanks in part to the discovery of vitamin D (which helps chickens survive longer during winter months) andContinue reading “Beginner’s Guide -Raising Backyard Chickens”

The Spring Campout Is Back!

APRIL 22-24, 2022 OUR HISTORY 2022 will be Georgia Bushcraft’s 10th anniversary since its inception. Our small group started with less than a dozen members gathering for our first event back in spring 2012. We have since grown to well over 500+ attendees from all over the country. Back in the early days we wouldContinue reading “The Spring Campout Is Back!”

Top 3 Alternative Outdoor Communications

When you’re in the backcountry communication is key. A solo traveler needs a reliable way to contact help in case there’s an emergency, and a group needs a reliable way to stay in touch with each other. While it’s tempting to rely on cell phones, if you’ve ventured far from the beaten path you’ve foundContinue reading “Top 3 Alternative Outdoor Communications”

Top 5 Medicinal Plants for Bushcraft

A key goal of bushcrafters is to replace equipment with knowledge, allowing for comfortable, ethical living off the land. But bushcrafting also sets you up for wounds and illnesses, so a large first aid kit is standard gear for the average outdoorsperson. But an extraordinary bushcrafter knows how to harness the powers of plants andContinue reading “Top 5 Medicinal Plants for Bushcraft”

Top 5 Favorite Bushcraft Books

Outside of hands-on training, manuals and books are some of the best ways to learn new skills. Plus, you never know when you’ll find a tip or trick that will help you refine your skillset. We’ve rounded up a diverse collection of some of our favorite bushcraft and survival books. Some are old, some are new, a couple are well known, and at least one of them is relatively under the radar. If you want to add some of the best bushcraft books to your shelf, we think our list is a great place to start.