Instructor Spotlight: Gabe

One inspiring aspect you’ll find at a Georgia Bushcraft event that truly stands out are the familiar faces you see year after year. While GABC is in its tenth year, some of these familiar faces are relative new comers that were hooked from the start. Gabe Giovannetti is one such individual. In the last couple of years he’s attended nearly everything class, workshop and large event at GABC. Between his fast growing online following with tons of great content and his enthusiasm for bushcraft, Gabe has inspired many in the bushcraft community.

The crazy part, he’s only 15 years old!

Gabe tells us he has always been drawn to wildlife and that he started catching anything that could crawl, swim, or slither by hand since he started to walk. Under the tutelage of his father, Ben, Gabe’s experience progressed into building live traps and catching fur-bearing mammals. Some of these he would keep briefly as pets before returning them to the wild, while others, he would process for food.

“My dad took me hunting and fishing and helped me set traps and made it very clear that we would never kill or harm anything we weren’t going to eat unless it was a danger to us or our animals, and I still live by that. I vividly remember when my dad took me to the shop, and we started building a wooden live trap because that’s when I really took off. I fell in love with the assembly of the trap and making everything fit together and then setting it with a piece of fruit, waiting and coming back to a trap with a possum or rabbit inside. I don’t remember when I made my first primitive trap, but snares and deadfalls were my introductions to bushcraft.”

At the age of 8, Gabe began his journey in the world of welding, where he started crafting projects made from scrap metal, which he would later sell. Once he was old enough to use a majority of the tools in the shop, he decided that he wanted to make a knife.

Gabe at one of Bushcraft Kelso’s classes.

“When I started, I was grinding any flat piece of steel I could find into some sort of an edge and wrapping it in duck tape or bailing twine. No harden, no temper, bad grind, it was rough, but I was having fun. In the last 7 years, I have come farther than I ever intended, but now that I’m here, I’m not slowing down. I have and constantly am improving. I have, in the past year, actually made some pretty good knives. I sell them on Instagram and at Georgia bushcraft!”

We first met Gabe when he was 13 at the Fall Gathering in 2020, where he stood out to us with his enthusiasm for bushcraft and by winning the fire challenge.

Gabe with a raffle prize at the 2020 Gathering.

“In 2020, I had taught myself all I could without help, so I started looking for a place I could gather with people like me. With the help of my dad, I found Georgia Bushcraft, and we attended our first Gathering In 2020. I fell in love with the people, the environment, all the learning going on, and everything about it.”

We were so impressed with this young man’s abilities that we invited him to teach youth classes at the 2021 Fall Gathering, where he taught DIY slingshots and whistle making. He also won the fire challenge for his second year.

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This year, Gabe had a vendor booth set up at our Spring Campout to showcase his skills as an experienced craftsman of tools and knives.

Gabe has an impressive following on social media, where he shares his adventures, creations, reviews products, and entertains the masses.

In this day and age of most youths being glued to their tech devices, it’s encouraging to see people of his age getting out and practicing these skills and then sharing them with others.

“In the future, I would love to teach some more classes at Georgia Bushcraft. I’m really interested in teaching kids classes, and I think we need to be focused on making sure the kids at GABC have fun, learn, and become more interested in what we do so that as time passes, there are still young bushcrafters learning and passing on knowledge to each other. I’d like to do some fire-making classes with the kids and maybe some classes recycling trash and turning it into cool, useful bushcraft and survival items. I think it would spark interest in craftsmanship and really mold the kids’ imagination and creativity into useful stuff that they could have a lot of fun with.”

Knife Safety Class with @Andi_Wildander – Image taken by Gabe @ Spring Campout 2022

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