Instructor Spotlight: Jack Rule

Jack Rule, GABC Operations Coordinator and Owner of Sixth Sense Survival started his life of outdoor adventuring at a young age “swamp stomping” in Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve in South Florida.


Jack entered Cub Scouts and rose through the BSA ranks to attain Eagle as a teenager. Growing up in hurricane country, Jack learned, at an early age, the value of disaster and emergency preparations.

His family moved to Western North Carolina when he was a teenager, and this is where he gained his love and reverence for the southern Appalachian Mountains and the culture of the native and European peoples who settled the area.

Jack would spend months at a time living in the Nantahala National Forest with minimal gear and meager provisions, just to test his skills and enjoy the solitude that the wilderness offered.

He also spent two years living in the high deserts of New Mexico, where he would often take excursions ranging from north of Santa Fe into portions of southern Colorado.

Jack’s formal training includes SPIKE (specially prepared individuals for key events) and courses offered by Karamat Wilderness Ways. However, he says that “my greatest training has come from practicing skills in the wilderness through trial and error. I will read something from an old military survival manual or Larry Dean Olsen’s or Mors’ books and try to duplicate it. I do it over and over again until I get it right.”

Before starting Sixth Sense Survival, Jack worked in wilderness therapy, where he taught wilderness living skills and led at trouble youth on expeditions in the southern Appalachian Mountains.


Jack now lives on the GABC property full time, teaching classes and helping Casey with day-to-day operations. “The projects never end and it ‘s great to have Jack here helping bring this property back to life,” Casey Deming, GABC Director & Owner.

He teaches classes and does wilderness living skills demos at our gatherings and special events. Some of the classes you might find him teaching include knots, water procurement and disinfection, fire craft, and land navigation.

Jack leads regular woods walks on the property and recently taught his Fundamental Wilderness Skills class. He has a Campfire and Cast Iron Cooking Class coming up the second weekend of May.

Jack plans to offer his Fundamentals class several times a year, along with land navigation, shelter building, and many more.

When Jack isn’t teaching or helping out on the property, you’ll find him working in the garden, composting, or tending his mushroom beds. Jack will be at the Spring Campout next weekend leading groups on Woods Walks talking about the property, nature and hitting on several key outdoor skills like plant identification and primitive fire making.

2 thoughts on “Instructor Spotlight: Jack Rule

  1. Jack, you are the man. I look forward to spending time at Georgia Bush Craft and learning as much as I can from you.


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