Campfire Co-Op Demo Days Wrap Up

Last weekend the 1st annual Campfire Co-Op ‘Demo Days’ was held at Georgia Bushcraft. The first Campfire Co-Op meeting was originally held back in 2020 as a round table event for brands in the outdoor industry. ‘Demo Days’ however was focused more on educating dealer marketing staff, journalists, and influencers on full product lines from Co-Op members. This year’s Demo Days event was a huge success full of networking, demos, gear testing, and classes with over 60 people in attendance including friends from SMKW (Smoky Mountain Knife Works), BladeHQ, Recoil Magazine and many others!


Throughout the weekend, everyone enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people, reconnect with old friends, and, most importantly, spend hours conversing with each other around the campfire. We also dedicated some time to round table events to discuss the challenges of marketing via social media and more. Of course, we also enjoyed plenty of time learning from great instructors and demoing new products.

The attendee list was full of familiar names. Including, but not limited to, LT Wright Knives, ESEE Knives, Griffin Pocket Tool, PNW Bushcraft, Red Eyed Hog, Wazoo Survival Gear, and Woods Monkey.

While not vending, Blade HQ, Blue Ridge Overland Gear, River’s Edge, Smoky Mountain Knife Works, Olde Towne Cutlery and many more were in attendance.


Also, several photographers, videographers, and influencers joined. Anthony Awaken, Asio Outdoors, Bearded Burton, Best Damn EDC, Bushcraft Kelso, CLP Bushcraft, Craig Caudill, Jason Salyer, James Gibson, Joe Flowers, and Sparrow Bushcraft shared their experience and knowledge with the group. Lastly, Alone alumni Carleigh Fairchild, Jordon Bell, and Larry Roberts shared their experiences from the show and taught several classes throughout the weekend.


A special shoutout goes to Red Eyed Hog for keeping us well fed. They’re a family business that has truly mastered their craft, with awards and best-selling products to back up a host of wonderful reviews.

The ceremonial First Fire


While much business was discussed, a bunch of outdoors lovers can’t get together and not have some fun. A giant bow drill lit the first fire, we gathered around basecamp in the evenings, and everyone enjoyed the unpredictability of the spring weather.

Georgia Bushcraft is always a place to build a community and share knowledge. The Campfire Co-Op Demo Days Weekend was no different. We’re excited to see what comes from the weekend. Specifically, we can’t wait to have some of the attendees back at the Spring Camp Out and the Fall Gathering.


A special thank you goes out to out 2022 Georgia Bushcraft Sponsors like LTWK, SMKW & Olde Towne Cutlery but also our hard working volunteers that helped make this event possible!


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