Bushcraft Kelso’s Basic Bushcraft

In bushcraft, there is seldom a right way to do something, but there’s almost always a better way. Of course, you can read and practice, but to really find the tricks of the trade, nothing beats a quality course and instructor.

The man, the myth, the legend known as Bushcraft Kelso started officially teaching early last year, but he’s been sharing the depth of his bushcraft knowledge on social media for years.

While following Kelso on Instagram is a great way to pick up a bit of knowledge, it’s akin to drinking from the faucet, when taking one of his classes is like drinking from a fire hose.

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If you can attend a Kelso class at Georgia Bushcraft you’re guaranteed to learn a lot. It’s impossible to give a comprehensive list because Kelso adapts to the class. If someone lacks critical knowledge, he’ll make sure they get caught up.

This past weekend was the 3rd Basic Bushcraft Class here at Georgia Bushcraft end even though the average temps were in the low 30’s, there were still smiles everywhere!

If you’re looking for specifics, at his recent class Kelso started with basic tree knowledge. He’s a proponent of knowing trees so that you can identify the best materials for a bushcraft project. We spend the first portion of the class walking through the woods identifying tree specimens and discussing their benefits.

Kelso will tell you that making cordage isn’t his favorite thing. That didn’t stop him from covering basic cordage crafting with the class.

Of course, Kelso shared his love of carving, and the group worked on notches and techniques. After learning the basics, the group created pot hooks, Roy Craft pack frames, and more.

Each class is a little different from the last, and Kelso led the group as they crafted spoons from shells and even had a little extra time to make primitive slings shots!

We have also been know to have a little fun competition. It was an action-packed weekend, and we can’t wait until Kelso’s next class!

Check out other classes and workshops at the schedule linked below.

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